Shop Love: The Nimbus Factory

The Nimbus Factory

When the lovely Emily of The Nimbus Factory introduced me to her company (and that of three other talented artists), my first thought was: "That must be one of the cutest logos I have ever seen." There's a lot more to be admired on their site than their logo, from cards for every occasion to calendars, stationary, tote bags and more, all leaving you with a happy smile on your face.
Oh, and you have to see their about page- it couldn't be more charming. Hop on over and see for yourself right here!


  1. How neat! This year I will paint the cards that will accompany my gifts by myself and these are a great inspiration. :)

     In Whirl of Inspiration

  2. I love all of these cards!! What a wonderful collection of holiday cheer.
    xx. McKenna

  3. These are so adorable and I know people would love to see these in their mailboxes!

  4. These are so magical, I love the color palette. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Maybe I'll actually get my act together and send out xmas cards. This shop is giving me new inspiration :). Thanks for sharing!