Color Palette: Scarlet Red + Blush

I love contrasts. I love contrasts in landscapes, in people's personalities and interests, in fashion, in art, in life. I love contrasts of attitudes, of textures, of lights, of shapes, and naturally, I love contrasts of colors. I just feel that contrasts almost always add depth, in almost any circumstances.

I fell in love with this photo from Twigs & Honey (via 100 Layer Cake) mostly because of the contrast between the pale, almost dull blush color and the vivid, almost indecent scarlet red- and I just had to turn it into a color palette post!

Sweet Tart Necklace (in Red and Rose) // Suede Sidewalk Skimmers (in Nouveau Red) // Coach Leather Pencil Case (in Metallic Champagne and Carnelian) // Essie Nail Polish (in "It's In The Bag" and "Snap Happy")

More scarlet lovelies:


  1. Anonymous10/30/2012

    I'm mad over this color palette! the main picture is stunning.

  2. Love this colour combination! <3 xo

  3. Anonymous10/30/2012

    Those shoes are wonderful! Not a huge red fan, but red shoes for some reason I just love!

  4. Anonymous10/30/2012

    what a great combo !

  5. Love, love, LOVE that picture and these colors! Good mashup!