Happy Friday! (4 DIY Projects)

Happy Friday lovelies! Another week has come and gone. Was it a great one for you? Mine was pretty much dedicated to studying for my German class. I came across a quote by Richard Porson (via Pinterest)  that said "Life is too short to learn German", and it made me smile, because, well, it's so hard to learn a new language! But I love it, I truly do.

Anyway, I enjoyed studying, but I spent way too much time on it. I always want to do things well - I'm having a hard time accepting that some of the things I do can be just okay, and not as close to perfection as I can get. Plus I'm so easily overwhelmed... So I ended up spending too much time on studying German to be perfectly ready for my exam, and not enough (or none at all) on other things I want or need to do. Phew, I really need to learn how to manage my time better!

Anyway, I'll try to do better next week, and enjoy the weekend in the meantime! Do you have fun plans? If you have time for a little DIY or two, here are a few suggestions :

Have a sweet and fun weekend, and see you on Monday :)


  1. I love the ruffle necklace and the cup garland - it makes me want to make a telephone with cups and string haha.

    1. Ha, you know, it reminded of the telephones with cups and strings I used to play with too! But the garland is way prettier though ;)

  2. I love the dixie cup garland - to pretty. Great links - thank you Clemence!

  3. Love the Dixie cup garland. I'm off to buy some fairy lights now!

  4. Great Selection to start the week end;) Thank you

  5. I am loving the dixie cup garland, what a great way to decorate. Thanks for always spreading your creativity to us all.

  6. so cute ;)


  7. Love these all!! (Can't decide for a favorite one. :/) Simple and beautiful ideas!

  8. They are all great but I'm in love with that garland. Those pastel colors are the sweetest!

  9. Love these idea! That garland is so adorable!