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Happy Monday! Did you have the most wonderful weekend and a merry Christmas? I hope so! Mine was filled with love, delicious food and awesome gifts. Did you receive wonderful presents too? I would love to know, I'm so curious when it comes to presents! Anyway, I'm excited to announce that you can now stalk me on the brand new site Currently Obsessed. You can find my favorite items there, and see in live time what I'm loving. I'm having fun window shopping and filling my page with the loveliest, most covetable treasures - I hope you'll like my picks! Oh, and the best part is that you can also find many lovely bloggers there and stalk them as well. Hope you'll enjoy it!


  1. I did acutally, receive wonderful gifts that is! (: Some yummy and some awesome; like the Harry Potter box on Blu-ray and Nitendo Wii Fit Plus package!

  2. i got a NEW CAMERA! perfect for updating my blog. i'm thrilled. santa knows me so well.
    what did you get?

  3. Anonymous12/26/2011

    I got gift certificates, board games, and stuff for my house! great picks from currently obsessed!

  4. this site is very interesting place ;)

  5. I have that dress at the top left! It's gorgeous :) Love your picks!

  6. those are darlings! want to own each of them so bad :(

  7. Thank you so much for your comments!

    @Hannah, Bridget and itsawant : Wow you all received such awesome gifts! Thanks so much for sharing!

    @Bridget : Oh, isn't it the most awesome gift ever? I got a new camera last year and seriously cried from joy! I got wonderful gifts, like a leather camera strap, adobe lightroom, lovely shoes, and craft books!

    @Inge : You're so lucky, that dress looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm so swooning over it :)

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