Tutorial : Photo Collages on White Background for Dummies (using a Free Online Photo Editor)

A few of my lovely readers asked me how I made my photo collages on white background, and I thought it may be interesting to post about that. I'm doing it the dummy way, with a free online photo editor called Pixlr. There are a lot better options to make photo collages than the way I do it, and if you're familiar with Adobe Photoshop or similar softwares, you know my way is really not the best one. But it's an easy and quick one, perfect for beginners (and photo editing dummies like me!), and it usually works for the simple things I want to do. 

So if, after this warning, you still want to do it my way, I'll show you how I made the collage below!

This collage features a Hummingbird Natural World Dessert Plate (Anthropologie, $18), a Green and Yellow Feather - Reproduction Print of Watercolor Painting (ReneeAnne, $10), and a Cath Kidston Sticky Tape Set (John Lewis, £7).

1. Start by opening Pixlr. It's free and you don't need to download anything. I used it in English here, but you can you can use it in almost any major language by clicking on "Language" in the top bar.

2. Click on "Create a new image". Name your collage (I named this one "Collage Tutorial") and choose its width and height (I used 640x480). Click on OK.

3. Click on "Layer" and select "Open image as layer". Select the image you want to add to your collage and click on OK.

4. The image (here, I started with the Feather Watercolor) now appears on the white background. The feather was too big so I resized it by clicking on "Edit" and selecting "Free transform".

5. I moved it to the bottom left using the "Move" tool.

6. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 to open, move, and resize your second image. Here, my second image is the Hummingbird Natural World Dessert Plate. The plate is on a gray background, but I want it on a white background.

7. Using the "Wand" tool, click on any part of the background.

8. Click on "Delete" to "purge" the background.

9. The bottom right part of the background is still gray, so I clicked on it using the "wand" tool, and repeated step 8.

10. I deleted what was left of the gray background by selecting it using the "Lasso" tool, and clicking on delete to "purge" the background.

11. I repeated steps 3, 4 and 5 to open, resize and move my third image (the Cath Kidston Sticky Tape Set). Since it was already on a white background, it didn't need any further editing. I was done with this collage so I clicked on "File" and selected "Save".

12. I saved the collage on my computer, but you can also save it on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, or the Pixlr library. You can change the name of your collage. You can also select the format : if you choose .jpg, you can move the "Quality" cursor. I advise you to use the .png format, or the highest quality of the .jpg format.

Once again, this tutorial is just my way of making a collage, and although it is a super easy way, it's by far not the best way! But I hope you'll still find it useful. If you do it another way, or if you wrote a tutorial on how to make photo collages, please share! Have a lovely day :)


  1. Thank you for this post! I was recently having problems trying to get rid of different colored backgrounds. I will have to try your way!

  2. OMG Thank you! I feel so clueless about things like this. This was very easy to understand. My blog thanks you too!

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial! So easy. Now, I'm ready to make my own collage.

  4. This was great! Thanks so much! I love your blog, from one newbie with photos to another!

  5. Anonymous4/18/2012

    Great!! This is much easier!!! Thank you! Laura bonitachicaarte.blogspot.com

  6. Wow, I'd been looking for ages for something quick and easy like this! Thank you so much.

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  8. I just wanted to pop by and say a big THANK YOU! for this tutorial. I'm getting ready to post about a gift list that I put together for Better Homes and Gardens and I really wanted to create something like this with a white background. Thank you so much for your help!

  9. YAY! thanks for the tutorial. This is exactly the sort of entry level info I was looking for :)

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