Like Mother Like Daughter

I saw these super cute handmade mother and daughter soft toys from RevoluzZza, and got inspired to do a matching mother-daughter outfits post.

What do you think of matching mother-daughter outfits? Cute or ridiculous? I think they can be lovely if they are subtle and emphasize on details rather than a head-to-toe copy. What's your opinion on this? Would you do it as a mom? If you would, here are a few suggestions :

Daughter : Yellow Bow Dress (DIY)
Mother : Bowknot Pocket Shift, $260

Daughter : Littl by Lilit Jumpsuit, $27 
Mother : Lace Yoke Romper, $22.80

Daughter : Wing Body, €26.30 (approx. $38.60)


  1. I love those yellow dresses!

    etsy blog team

  2. i think matching outfits can be super cute, as long as they are both age appropriate! i love your picks, especially the yellow dresses and the grey cardi.


  3. The yellow and gray outfits are adorable! Yes, details over exact copies. It'd be creepy to match my mom from head to toe. I'm glad she never put me through that...or at least photographed the evidence! Haha! <3

  4. these outfits are too cute! but i'd never wear matching outfits haha :)


  5. these are darling!

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  7. Anonymous2/22/2019

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