Friday DIY Roundup

Happy Friday!

I'm still taking things slow and still recovering from surgery, so I think I'll to shamelessly put aside my never-ending to do list and simply enjoy a laid-back weekend. What are your weekend plans? Are you already getting ready for the holidays?

Well, in whatever way you choose to spend it, I wish you the happiest of weekends. And if your plans include some DIYing, here are 5 ideas to try out:

1. DIY Leather iPad Case (or make it out of faux leather!) from Skunkboy
2. DIY Basket Weaving by Francesca Stone for Design Sponge
3. DIY Confetti Tote Bag by Heju (in French, but the photos are self explanatory)
4. DIY Wood Hat Rack from A Pair and a Spare
5. Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo from Free People Blog

Pup Art + Ozzy and Harley

I was contacted by Danielle to help spread the word about this lovely art print by Sophie Parker, and the most adorable pair of pugs, Ozzy and Harley, that inspired it.

Ozzy and Harley are approx. 8 year old neutered male pugs. They are super sweet dogs looking for a new loving home (they are currently being fostered in the state of New York). I watched a video of the two of them and it melt my heart to see how "attached" they are to each other. I have never met them, but I read that they lay together, sleep together, eat together.... and that it's really something to see. They truly do LOVE each other. If you're ready for two adorable pug brothers, adopt Ozzy & Harley!

Now if you're willing to help but can't welcome these two lovelies in your home, you can still help them, and help others like them have a chance at finding the perfect forever home.

The prints featured above (by Sophie Parker, Norma V. Toraya and Mary Kate McDevitt) were created for Pup Art collection, an online art print shop dedicated to raising money for shelter dogs.

All prints in this collection were inspired by adoptable dogs found on the BarkBuddy app, and painted, photographed, drawn and designed by generous dog-lovin' artists.

Be sure to peruse the collection- perhaps one of these prints would make the perfect holiday gift for the dog lover in your life? They ship worldwide and 50% or more from each print will be donated to the organization that rescued the artists' dog muse.

I'm Back! Health Update + Three Lovely Things

I'm so excited, happy and thankful to be back! Surgery went well- thank you for all your warm wishes and good vibes!

The surgeons were able to locate the hole that caused my cerebrospinal fluid leak, and repair it. The after-surgery was somewhat difficult, but I'm already feeling far better. I'm still experiencing some intense headaches and eye pain, and I'm still easily tired, but it's going better every day. Surgeon said that we now need to see if the leak reappears, but he is optimistic and says everything looks great so far. So it looks like after almost a year, this is finally over and my health should keep improving.

Again, thank you so much for your support throughout the year, and especially right before surgery. It meant a lot, really.

And I'm also thrilled to be back just in time for some holiday projects and holiday-related posts- yay! 

In the meantime, here are three things I'm loving today:

1. How to DIY a tiny space for big results from Refinery29. I'm not sure how this apartment qualifies as a "tiny space", but it sure is lovely, and the article includes some great tips that can be implemented in any place.

2. The secret to simple cauliflower soup from The Clever Carrot- a delicious recipe and a simple trick to make the soup both easier and quicker to cook, and more flavorful.

3. DIY vinyl and marble paper clutch from For the Makers- super easy and pretty, and it would make a lovely gift as well!