Friday DIY Roundup + What's Going On

I've been meaning to give you an update on what's going on and why my posts here are getting sparse.

If you've been a long time reader, you may remember that I've been sick since the beginning of the year, with ups and downs, and even a time when I thought I was finally back on my feet.

Well, I started feeling very tired again (plus headaches and the like...) and have been into further medical investigation. It appears that I have a leak of cerebrospinal fluid.

I've been spending my days lately going from doctor to doctor (not complaining though, I'm being taken really good care of) and don't know yet what will be the next steps. The mere evocation of brain surgery scares me, but step at a time.

In the meantime, it's friday so of course I have to share my favorite DIY projects of the week!

1. DIY pencil skirt from Delia Creates
2. How to make a roll on essential oil blend from My Life at Playtime
3. DIY wooden earrings from The Merrythought
4. Simple copper light from Kristi Murphy

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday DIY Roundup

Happy Friday!
I have some DIYs of my own that I want to try over the weekend, but maybe I'll squeeze in one of my favorite projects from this week (links below)? That photo stand would make a nice addition to my desk!
What about you, are you feeling inspired to try one of these?

1. DIY delicate pearl knuckle ring from Adventures in Fashion
2. DIY Balenciaga inspired wire clutch from Free Series
3. DIY hair lightening spray from The Makeup Dummy (recommended for blonde/light hair only)
4. DIY desk photo stand from Vanilla Craft
5. DIY faux granite rings from Fall for DIY
6. DIY silver leaf tattoos from For the Makers
7. DIY pineapple cutting board by The Merrythought for Poppytalk

Have a wonderful weekend!

Three Things

Three Things I'm loving today:

1. Really loving these shoes* and how they could dress up the simplest jeans + white top outfit (Anthropologie, $178).

*This is an affiliate link, which means that if you buy this item, I will receive a small commission (this doesn't change the price for you, of course). If you hate the idea but love the shoes, google "Zuid Spotted Heels" and you should find them!

2. This pale pink accent wall looks pretty awesome! Photography by Hans Mossel for Vtwonen via SF Girl by Bay.

3. A carrot and coriander soup with orange and cumin sounds like the perfect way to gently transition into fall, and this comes from a person who doesn't even like coriander!