15 online shops for gorgeous designer jewelry

I love jewelry. I love the feel of metal, the textures, the shine, how it can embellish an outfit, light up your face and mood, make you feel beautiful.

I have quite a few pieces from my own jewelry line, but apart from that, my jewelry box is minimal. I cherish all the pieces I have, and they are all meaningful to me, but sometimes I'd enjoy a little more jewelry options. Lately, I've been on the look for a new piece of jewelry...maybe I'll treat myself sooner or later.

In the meantime, I wanted to share (in no particular order) my favorite online shops for gorgeous, handcrafted designer jewelry that is guaranteed to make you feel special.

1. Odette New York

2. Minicyn

3. Gabriela Artigas

4. Favor

5. Dear Rae

6. Grace Lee

7. Knobbly

8. Monica Vinader (photos: left by Shini Park / right by Garance Doré)

9. Ariel Gordon

10. Wsake (a father-daughter team!)

11. Stefanie Sheehan

12. Young Frankk

13. Tiro Tiro

14. Artemer

15. Seaworthy

Friday DIY Roundup

Happy Friday! I'm planning on using the weekend to pick up my spring cleaning where I left it off... Better late than never! But I'm hoping to squeeze in a DIY project. If you're planning on having a crafty weekend, here are my suggestions of the week:

1. DIY hickory chop board from François et Moi
2. DIY rope camera strap from A Pair and a Spare
3. DIY concrete candlesticks from Evenyaru (originally in Hebrew, translated with Google)
4. DIY brass himmeli hanging planter from Nalle's House
5. DIY marbled locket from For the Makers

Have a beautiful weekend!

Art I Heart: Mina Teslaru

Coney Island Boardwalk by Mina Teslaru.

When I visited Mina Teslaru's portfolio and Etsy store, her series on Coney Island brought back a very dear memory. I have only been to Coney Island once, and only for one day, but it definitely left its mark on me. The place is filled with history and personality, and has such a unique atmosphere. I couldn't possibly describe it with words, but Mina's photography contains all the feelings, the nostalgia, the dreamlike sensation that emerges during a visit to Coney Island. And whether she captures landscapes, cities or the ocean (or even cicada wings!), her work is always filled with emotions.

See more of Mina Teslaru's work at her website or at her Etsy shop.